TripleStart™ 3-in-1 Advanced Technology Mulching Granules

Greater performance from mulching granules that work in hydroseeders, through a spreader or by hand.

HydroCover® TripleStart™ is your best option to quickly seed lawns, roadside strips, irregularly shaped areas, or patching dead and bare spots across a site. Its performance is better than all other granular mulch products available in terms of mixing and dispersion, coverage, erosion control and germination. You can apply TripleStart with a hydroseeder, Lesco 36" Drop Spreader with a fixed rate plate, or by hand.

See why TripleStart is the best granular mulch to spread or spray.

Triple StartHydroseeding

  • Quick and easy to pour due to flowable formulation
  • Rapid dispersion and fast mixing in jet-agitated hydroseeders
  • Smooth shooting of the high-coverage slurry
  • Resists rainfall impact to stay in place longer due to advanced tackifier technology

Dry Apply Through Spreader or by Hand

  • Increased swelling, dispersion and coverage compared to leading applied pellets
  • Smoother flowing for easy spreader application
  • Stays in place due to advanced tackifier technology

25% greater coverage for fast and easy application!