Our Experience and Expertise Result in Your Success

" "Each HydroCover® product is created with knowledge of what makes plants grow and unequaled experience in what makes you successful. Our Thermally Refined® wood fiber is another prime example – holding 12 times its weight in water and improving yield. The process that produces Thermally Refined wood fiber uses heat and pressure to break wood down into more fibrous material with greater surface area. Futerra revegetation blankets are also created with Thermally Refined wood and degradable man-made fibers that are intertwined into a dimensionally stable composite matrix that conforms to the soil surface.

This comprehensive line of products is suitable for a wide range of applications including:

Turf Establishment, Golf Courses, Landfills, Highway Work, Recreational Locations and Airports.


HydroCover® Family of Mulch Products and Futerra® Blankets

New TripleStart™ 3-in-1 advanced technology mulching pellets are the latest in our efforts to provide you with the most cost-effective erosion control solutions. This unique new product can be applied through a hydroseeder or dry through a broadcast spreader or by hand.

See why TripleStart is the best mulch pellet to spread or spray.

It joins our HydroCover®, Futerra® and ProPlus® groups of products and technologies that significantly enhance erosion control performance. These products include a variety of hydraulic mulches, rolled erosion control and vegetation blankets, soil and fiber amendments, and straw and fiber mulch binders.

Triflo™ Improves Performance

Triflo™ makes HydroCover Wood and HydroCover Blend hydraulic mulches even more productive in several ways:

  • Improves moisture retention

  • Improves the suspension of mulch, seed and fertilizer within the slurry and prevents the dewatering of the fiber mulch

  • Improves the application of hydraulic mulch in a more uniform layer for better coverage and enchanced product performance

  • Improves application efficiency by increasing shooting distance and enhanced hose performance — greatly reducing downtime associated with clogging